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About us

The legendary Land Cruiser 60 series made its first impression on us while visiting Australia.

In Outback Australia one comes across 70 series Land Cruisers a lot. But the more comfortable 60 series, and his descendants, can be spotted as well, and much more often than in The Netherlands, or the rest of Europe. The combination of luxury and magnificent skills on rough terrain left a deep impression on us. Furthermore, it is a car with thorough and clear technique.

CruiserWorld was established after the paths of Laurens on the one hand, and the path of Maarten on the other collided, professionally speaking. Laurens was rounding off his sailing career, and was in search of a new adventure. And Maarten returned from Australia after having worked as a cultural anthropologist in the field.

A passion for cars was not new for brothers Laurens and Maarten. From an early age on it has been a toppic and hobby, after which it got out of hand and turned into Cruiser World.

We track down the rare 60 series Land Cruisers which are in neat condition. After which we will prepare them for the Dutch roads. At the same time we are continuously improving the collection of new and used parts for these Cruisers. 

Our goal is to keep these beauties on the (off)road, and to make the streetview a bit more diverse. You are most welcome to help us with this. Feel free to visit us, send us an e-mail or fill in the contact from, or phone us.


Best wishes,

Laurens and Maarten.


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