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Restoration of chassis & body

Restorations of the 60-series are taken care of in our shop.

It can be done in different grades of thoroughness.

The most comprehensive restoration start with seperating the body from the chassis. Subsequently the chassis will be cleaned of rust, repaired if necessary, and treated with 2-component epoxy or it will be galvanised. Which ever is preferred.

The body will be derusted, repaired is necessary and resprayed.

After which the Cruiser will be rebuilt.

All wishes will be discussed in advance, and during the restoration we will communicate (with multi-media) the state of the process after every seperate phase.


Restoration of the upholstery

Your 60-series' seats can be repaired by our upholsterer.


On the picture you can see that the material can be repaired with artificial leather pieces which are inserted. But small damages can be repaired with the original Toyota material.

On the 2nd and 3rd picture you can see how a seat looks like after having been 'refilled'. It has gotten a new seat.


The costs depend on the severity of the damage. But to give you an idea: repair of the artificial leather 'hop in' side costs 60 euro, VAT included.



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